Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

While inpatient treatment is the most prevalent version of addiction care in our culture, it’s not suitable for everyone. Many Arizonans simply don’t have the option of leaving work and responsibilities behind for months. Even if it means that addiction continues wreaking havoc on their lives, they need a different option. When you enroll in our partial hospitalization program (PHP), you’ll get the high level of care you need without needing to commit to a residential facility.

What is Partial Hospitalization for Drug Addiction?

Partial hospitalization is a high-intensity treatment program for addiction where the patient doesn’t live on premises. When someone is in PHP, there’s a minimum number of sessions they need to attend, each with a minimum duration. Typically, a person may spend one to three months in partial hospitalization before transitioning to a less intensive outpatient model.

Difference Between PHP and Outpatient

Partial hospitalization and outpatient programs both aim to treat addiction without having the patient live on-premises. Likewise, they tend to treat addiction by fostering a sense of community support and using therapeutic interventions.

The main difference is the structure and intensity of treatment. Some outpatient programs aren’t very structured at all or only have minor commitments. Since partial hospitalization aims to treat more severe cases of addiction, it has the highest intensity of any non-residential treatment programs.

How Many Hours is PHP?

While there’s no law or regulation on what qualifies as partial hospitalization for addiction, most facilities use it in a similar way. Spending a minimum of 20 hours a week in treatment is normal in PHP, although it can often increase to 30. This may involve attending a three hour session every day of the week. Our program involves visiting the facility five times a week, with each session lasting four to six hours.

Can You Work and Go to PHP?

We structure our PHP care to be compatible with typical local work schedules so that you don’t have to take leave to get treatment. While sessions can stretch into the evening, we’ll help you work things out so that you can still get a good night’s sleep before work in the next day.

The Role of PHP in Treating Addiction

There are two main reasons to incorporate PHP into your recovery journey. If you just finished an inpatient rehab program, a few weeks or a month of PHP can be a good first step in transitioning back into independent life. It’s also practical to make partial hospitalization care your first method for treatment and enroll directly, without going to an inpatient program first.

Treatments and Services in PHP

While you enroll in our partial hospitalization program, we’ll use diverse treatment methods to help you in your recovery. We focus heavily on mental health services, which stems from our belief that no one wants to be an addict. In almost every case, addiction an unhealthy coping mechanism or a form of escapism. By applying different types of individual therapy and group counseling, we strive to uplift our patients and help them build a life they don’t need to escape from.

Join Our Partial Hospitalization Program

If partial hospitalization sounds like it might be suitable, know that we’re waiting for you. Give us a call and join our PHP today.