Native American Program

Lighthouse Support Services is proud to offer a specialized Native American treatment program that addresses the traditional values of our Native American clients. We recognize the uniqueness of the Native American culture and are sensitive to including it throughout the treatment process


  • Provide you with transformative treatment that can assist you in overcoming addiction.
  • Offer culturally sensitive services for all who come to Lighthouse Support Services to become well again.
  • Supply programming that can allow you to work towards becoming sober while participating in several cultural-based interventions.
  • Validate and implement the cultural sensitivity and spiritual practices of each individual while also advocating for our clients’ cultural and spiritual awareness.
  • Make every effort to respect the traditions of the various tribes that represented in treatment, while also meeting the spiritual needs of all our clients so that true Recovery can be achieved.

Our Cultural Activities That Can Further Your Healing And Recovery:

  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Honoring ceremonies (held upon request)
  • Traditional songs and prayers are offered to help with struggles regarding death and/or loss
  • Red Road Walk (Wellbriety) education and discussions are held to help integrate the 12-step Recovery Model
  • Smudging and prayers
  • Talking Circles to give and receive support from one another
  • Purification ceremonies at a specially designated sweat lodge

Treatment Modalities:

At Lighthouse Support Services, we utilize behavioral, cognitive, and interpersonal therapies led by licensed therapists. We strive to provide a broad spectrum of clinical interventions that are designed to assist clients in sustaining positive life choices. We also encourage learning positive daily skills such as healthy nutritional choices, exercise, yoga, and engaging in individual and group therapy sessions.

Recovery Is The Goal For Our Clients:

  • Breaking down barriers that resist recovery
  • Instilling HOPE and a level of motivation and desire for change that supports recovery
  • Teaching effective coping skills and practicing new behaviors